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Teeth Whitening

Did you know that 80% of Americans want whiter teeth? Are you one of them?

Is that whitening toothpaste that guarantees results just not cutting it? Are you frustrated with white strips that keep sliding off your teeth or produce uneven results? Your smile is your first impression, and when it comes to teeth whitening, don’t skimp on quality.

Are you wanting the feeling of confidence that only comes with a bright radiant smile? We can help! We offer custom take-home tray whitening kits that give you the dramatic results you want fast and in the comfort of your own home.

 The process:

Our trays are custom fitted to each patient’s teeth to provide a more even distribution of the whitening product. The whitening product we use is more potent than over the counter formulations thus providing a quicker and whiter smile. For best results we recommend combining our in-office whitening procedure, which provides a faster whiter result, in combination with our custom take-home trays for touch-ups.
Whitening your teeth is simple and effective and can take years off your smile and make you look brighter and more youthful. Walk into that next business meeting, family dinner or romantic evening with a bright confident smile.



quotesIt is amazing what feeling good about your teeth can do for your personality and self image. He used the latest technology available and what I thought was going to be a long process turned out to be very simple and painless.  I would recommend Dr. Chauvin to anyone looking to improve their smile. Say cheese!

Gretchen K.

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