“Dr. Chauvin and his staff provide a very friendly and professional environment for dental care. My husband and I have been receiving our routine dental care as well as dental procedures such as crowns and fillings with Dr. Chauvin and his staff since he began practicing here in Acadiana. He is a caring and skilled general dentist. I would highly recommend him to others.” —Brenda S. Broussard, MSN

“I have always been greeted with a warm welcome and Dr. Chauvin and the staff have always been professional and caring.” —Ronnie Collins

“Dr. Chauvin and his staff are the best! With a warm, friendly atmosphere, you can be assured that you will be given the highest quality of care anywhere. I heartily recommend Dr. Tim Chauvin and his staff for all your dental needs.” —Cliff Sandoz

“Dr. Chauvin has been my dentist for quite some time I’ve had a bad experience before meeting Dr. Chauvin. My husband John A. Sam had very good results with Dr. Chauvin and persuaded me to see him. Dr. Chauvin and his team make you feel like family. One of his team member’s name is Melanie, she has been my inspiration. She reach my friendship quick. :) I trust Dr. Chauvin and his entire team with all my dental care. THANK YOU!” —Amelia R. Sam

“I have suffered with ugly, discolored crooked and chipped teeth all my life. I never would smile with my mouth open for pictures as far back as I can remember. My mother always told me that it was because when I was an infant that I was really sick and that the antibiotics that were used to treat my illness discolored and softened my teeth enamel. In my forties I decided to do a complete makeover on my mouth. I wore Invisalign for two years, per my dentist’s suggestion, so that she would be able to better fit me for all new crowns as I had a terrible cross bite. By the time the two years were up, that dentist had retired. I was so upset at first to hear she was no longer in practice. Dr. Chauvin had just moved here following his evacuation from Katrina and was taking over her practice. Though I was nervous about the idea of a new dentist taking over a major makeover in the middle, I agreed to continue the work with him. He met with my orthodontist and came up with a new plan to get my teeth lined up so he could do the crowns and bridge work I needed. In a matter of weeks he had come up with a new plan and within a couple of long but painless visits he made the most beautiful smile a person could ask for. Though they are all crowns, my teeth look very natural. I get compliments almost daily on my smile. I wish I could have done this years ago. It has boosted my self esteem and my pictures all now show my teeth. It is amazing what feeling good about your teeth can do for your personality and self image. He used the latest technology available and what I thought was going to be a long process turned out to be very simple and painless. I would recommend Dr. Chauvin to anyone looking to improve their smile. Say cheese!” —Gretchen Kaltenbach RN

“I have been a patient of Dr. Chauvin for quite a while now. His staff is awesome and you couldn’t ask for better people to be greeted by when you arrive for your appointment. Dr. Chauvin is an outstanding dentist and is very good at what he does. I have a beautiful smile to prove it!!!!” —Tricia Abshire

“Dr. Chauvin’s office has been my best dental experience ever! His office features high-end technology with modern comforts making his patients feel readily at ease. It is something about the front desk friendliness to the comforts of the patient room while receiving attentive personal care from highly trained professional dental staff. I now smile with confidence and ease thanks to Dr. Chauvin’s gift of dentistry and listening to his patients’ needs.” —Dacia Romero

“I began seeing Dr. Tim Chauvin and his staff in June of 2008 when I was still a Lafayette resident. I have had major dental work done by Dr. Tim and am most pleased with the results. During the time frame of having the dental work done, Dr. Tim and his staff were compassionate and treated me with the utmost dignity and respect. I moved to Baton Rouge 18 months ago but will always make the trek across the basin bridge so that Dr. Tim can see to my dental needs. He and his staff are competent, professional and all the while friendly. When I am there I feel like family!” —Denise S. Dugas

“Our family has been seeing Dr. Chauvin since his practice opened in Lafayette. Even now that our children are grown and have moved away, they have chosen to remain as patients of Dr. Chauvin because of the excellence of care, flexibility of scheduling, promptness of appointment times, ease of insurance filing and genuine concern for their well-being. Over the years we have had many different procedures done–from routine check-ups to extensive crown work. In each case, there was no doubt that we were receiving the very best in dental care. Dr. Chauvin’s office reflects his commitment to be innovative and knowledgeable about state of the art advances in dentistry. The office is beyond comfortable (our family loves the warming massage dental chairs, headphones and flat screen TVs on the ceiling), and his entire staff is friendly and accommodating. You feel like a family member, not just a patient when you walk through the doors. The office staff takes time to listen to a patient’s concerns and goes out of their way to make them at ease, assist with insurance filing, even checking on them at home after a procedure is done. Never once in all the years that we have seen Dr. Chauvin with the variety of procedures, schedule requests, and changes in insurance carriers has anyone in Dr. Chauvin’s office said, I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that.” —Carol Mills