Let’s face it: The thought of getting in your car and driving yourself to a dentist’s office can be daunting. The sheer anxiety of a dental appointment is what keeps some 40 million Americans at home instead of in that dentist’s chair getting proper oral care. 

Whether it’s the fear of pain, bad memories of past experiences, stressing about the cost, or just the thought of someone else’s hand in your mouth, it’s normal to not love the dentist’s office. Other reasons people don’t like the dentist could include the sound of a drill or the awkward smell of a dentist’s office. 

But if you don’t overcome that fear, it can lead to major problems down the road. Regular cleanings, check-ups, and X-rays are essential to oral health. And poor oral health can cause other problems outside of your mouth. 

Dental offices like Dr. Chauvin’s office will do everything they can to make you more comfortable, and even if there’s somewhere you’d rather be, your mouth will thank you later.

How Can You Overcome Dental Anxiety?

Here are some things you can do to overcome that anxiety and keep your oral health in check: 

  • Find a dentist you can trust: Reach out to your friends, your family, your coworkers and online reviews to find the dentist you think will best suit your needs and calm your anxiety about the visit. 
  • Communicate your fears: Dentists and dental support staff know that dental anxiety is real. If you tell them what you’re scared of, they can adapt their treatments based on your individual needs. They can tell you each step they’ll take. They can ask you for permission to continue the treatment. They can take breaks as needed. 
  • Watch your caffeine and sugar intakes: Caffeine and sugar can raise your anxiety, while foods that are high in protein can help to keep you calm. Keep this in mind on the day of your appointment. 
  • Bring your favorite music: If you don’t like the sounds of your dentist’s office, then choose your own sounds. Your favorite songs might help to drown out the anxiety. 
  • Practice slow breathing: Breathing exercises can help to calm you down in stressful situations. Focus on slow, regular breaths while you’re in the dental chair. 
  • Ask about sedatives if appropriate: Depending on the severity of the procedure, your dentist might be able to offer you sedatives or something similar to calm your nerves before the treatment. 
  • Pick an appointment time that won’t cause extra stress, like a Saturday morning or a day you don’t have work or other responsibilities. 

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