Learning About Athletic Mouth Guards

There are many different types of Athletic mouth guards available in the market today, however ensuring you have one that is custom made to fit your own unique mouth structure is highly recommended. With a properly fitted athletic mouth guard, you will be comfortable when wearing it, and you won’t have to worry about causing any injury to the delicate lining of your inner mouth.

Mouth guards are literally mouth protectors and make up an essential part of an athlete’s equipment. The mouth guard is designed to help cushion any direct impact to the facial area. If there is any direct impact due to contact sport sessions, the mouth guard is supposed to help minimize any injuries sustained to the face, such as broken teeth, and cuts to the lips, jaw and tongue.

Athletes who use the athletic mouth guards in Lafayette, usually have a choice of three different styles:

  •  Custom fitted – these are generally made only for the user and by their personal dentist. Although this version may seem a little more expensive, it does ensure the fit is completely comfortable and highly functional as a protective tool.
  • Available stock – these are usually readily available either online or in stores. Although considered to be quite functional, they don’t fit as perfectly as the custom fitted option.
  • Boil and bite – these are usually very basic mouth protectors and are boiled to soften the texture and then bitten into, to create a sort of mold that will function as an adequate protector.

Ideally, you should try to have the custom version if you want the best protection. If you play contact sports, then you need this very important protection. The athletic mouth guards created by Lafayette Dentist Dr. Chauvin all come with high quality standards and are a popular choice for many people.

Dentists often recommend the use of athletic mouth guards for patients who have had some bridge work done or if they are wearing braces. This is a great way to keep their teeth safe if sporting activities are a part of their routines. The athletic mouth guard will act as a protective barrier between the braces and the inside of your mouth. An impact to the facial area while wearing braces can cause a lot of cuts if the mouth isn’t protected.

Caring for your athletic mouthguard

Caring for any athletic mouth guard is quite simple and hassle free. It only requires a few easy to follow steps:

  • Either rinsing before and after use, or brushing with a toothbrush, should adequately keep the athletic mouth guard clean and safe for reuse
  • Storing it in a sturdy container with adequate holes for ventilation is recommended
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and hot water
  • Replace when there are significant wear and tear signs

Athletic mouth guards are fast gaining popularity in Lafayette as most people now understand their usefulness and importance. Need a custom mouth guard? Give us a call!