Is There A Vaccination For Cavities In The Future?

Is there a vaccination for cavities in the future? This is perhaps a common question for most people who are looking for non-costly means on how to protect the teeth from cavities permanently. Since immemorial, cavities is one of the most common problems of people and it is the reason why they need to go to the dentist at least twice a year in order to determine if their teeth are always healthy.

What is Mutans Streptococci?

Mutans streptococci are a type of bacteria that is responsible for cavities. This is a type of bacteria that is naturally released by our system particularly in the mouth area.  They can be there at the mouth not harming the oral system. On the other hand, poor oral hygiene, genetic predisposition, weak immune system can allow these bacteria to proliferate in the system thus causing harm and can lead to periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a condition wherein cavities have advanced causing to destroy the teeth, gums and well as the bones within the jaw. As a result, the bacteria can travel through bloodstream which can infect the heart eventually.

Vaccines are important preventive measure to avert such health condition to thrive. Believe it or not, scientist and researchers from the Forsyth Institute in Boston in U.S. are studying or researching a vaccine which targets the bacteria mutans streptococci.  You have to understand that when these bacteria break down the food they produce lactic acid that is responsible to wear away the tooth enamel.

About the Vaccine

The main objective of the vaccine is to enhance the immune system to create antibodies that can kill the enzyme that permits the bacteria to stick into the teeth. Since, it cannot cling anymore to the tooth enamel the bacteria are eradicated by saliva thus protecting the teeth and gums.

In an experiment done and rats are given with this vaccine has not develop any cavities. Trials are also used in people and it shown that the vaccine is promising because it does not have caused any issue.

Moreover, experts also suggest that it can be an ideal vaccine for children below 1 year old while their teeth are still developing and at the same time the plaque bacteria is already established. According to the experts, if this vaccine is given to children, it can avert thrive of plaque bacteria. This is an effective barrier to help the children to have a better oral health for life.

The adults who are tested for this vaccination shows that the vaccine helps to decrease the cavity and oral health problems. Moreover, still it is still not out in the market because additional researches are still being done.

Cavity vaccines can be an effective tool to protect the teeth and the overall health. On the other hand, practicing a good oral health and visiting the dentist regularly is still imperative to assure that your teeth are healthy as well as to protect health from periodontal disease. Cavities can be avoided as long as you know how to protect oral health.


Until this vaccine becomes a reality Dr. Chauvin, your favorite Lafayette Louisiana dentist wants you to remember to get teeth cleanings twice a year to keep your mouth happy. Contact us today!