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Good and bad food for breath

Bad breath might very possibly be the most loathed and feared non life-threatening condition people deal with today. Nobody likes bad breath, least of all those who have to smell it on the uncomfortable close talker or the colleague whose egg salad stuck around hours after lunch ended. Almost everyone fears that they have it, […]

History of toothbrushes

It seems wrong to write a blog about the history of toothpaste without its counterpart, the history of the toothbrush. To remedy this, we’ll quickly take you through several thousand years worth of makeshift toothbrushes and their creators then let you decide which version you might come up with if you were stuck on a […]

Are dogs’ mouths cleaner than humans’?

If you’ve ever witnessed a person enjoying a sloppy, wet dog kiss and recoiled ever so slightly, you’ve probably heard the follow up justification when they see your reaction: “you know, a dog’s mouth really is cleaner than a human’s.” No matter how much we love our pups, it’s not uncommon for us to hesitate […]

What are pediatric dentists?

If the phrase “we’re going to the dentist” has your kids jumping for joy, then read no further. You’re an alien allstar parent only here to make the rest of us feel bad. If you aren’t so lucky, grab a pen and paper… Dental care, just like regular visits to the doctor, is a vital […]

History of toothpaste

Next time you reach for your tube of Crest, Colgate, or Arm & Hammer, send up a little thank you to the powers that be for your minty tube of wonders. As it turns out, our obsession with clean and healthy teeth is not anything new (though our methods are arguably MUCH better than past […]

Is vaping safer for your oral health?

E-cigarettes made their American debut in 2006 – much to the gleeful delight of smokers looking for a healthier alternative to the classic cigarette. Now, instead of inhaling tar and other harmful byproducts of burning tobacco, smokers can take in nicotine through a nifty looking battery powered life saver commonly referred to as a “vape”. […]

Why do I have black lines under my crown?

We derive a great deal of confidence from our smiles, so it comes as no surprise that when something goes awry with our pearly whites, we feel a little insecure. The good news is that the year is 2017, and dental methods have advanced a great deal since the days of cow tooth dentures and […]

Teeth grinding causes and treatments

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling pain in your jaw and the furthest thing from refreshed? These are signs that you could be suffering from bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding that can lead to serious dental issues if not addressed and treated correctly. Teeth grinding is often thought to occur due to […]

All about root canals

Root canals. You’ve heard the name, you’ve cringed for the poor souls going to the dentist for one, but do you know what a root canal procedure is? Or the reasons you might need one? The inside of your tooth is filled with a soft material called “pulp” that help your teeth grow into maturity. […]

Living with TMJ

“Tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur” Say that five times fast. This tongue twister refers to the pair of joints on the sides of the face that hinge the jaw to the skull, but it’s typically known better by its more manageable acronym: TMJ. When people talk about TMJ, they’re often referring to pain in the face and jaw caused […]