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All about the Colgate smart toothbrush

You’ve heard of smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, the list goes on. But a smart toothbrush? Yes, it’s (almost) here.

Colgate is introducing the Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush in 2020. When it’s released, it will be the first toothbrush to detect “biofilm buildup” (or dental plaque) and coach in real time while you brush.

What makes this toothbrush “smart”?

The toothbrush will include the following features: 

  • Users will be able to see when they need to brush longer in one area of their mouth or, conversely, when all the biofilm buildup has been removed. 
  • A blue light will tell users when plaque has been found, and then a white light will appear when all is removed and it’s time to move on to other areas of your mouth. 
  • The Colgate Connect app will connect to the toothbrush through Bluetooth technology, giving users a “precise, personalized brushing experience.” 
  • Sensors in the toothbrush handle will create a comprehensive map of your mouth. 
  • Users will be able to turn to the app to see exactly where they brushed their teeth, where they missed a spot, and if an area they just brushed is really clean. 
  • The app will also provide brushing feedback, coaching, personalized oral health data and tips for good oral health. 

“In the dentist’s office, we’re beginning to see a shift toward precision oral care that tailors treatment to each patient’s specific needs,” said Dr. Maria Ryan, Colgate’s Chief Dental Officer. “The Colgate Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush is inspired by that shift, and improves brushing efficacy by accounting for an individual’s brushing technique and the biofilm buildup in their mouth. And by immediately alerting the user when an area is clean, Plaqless Pro coaches them to brush better, helping both the patient and the oral care provider to build an even stronger partnership in achieving optimal oral health.”

And while this new toothbrush is sure to bring smiles to a lot of faces, there’s no substitute for your twice-a-year professional cleaning and checkup at your favorite dentist’s office. What are you waiting for? Call Dr. Tim Chauvin’s office today to make an appointment!