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How does activated charcoal whiten teeth

Activated charcoal is a most commonly used as a treatment for overdose or poisoning. It’s an oral treatment that binds to toxins and drugs that have been ingested. It will absorb many different things, and can be even used on dogs. Some people use it to treat hangovers, alleviate bloating and gas, filtering water, cleaning […]

Is something wrong if you don’t have 32 teeth

There are typically 32 teeth in an adult mouth. Many people have to have their wisdom teeth removed, reducing the total to 28. However, some people never develop their wisdom teeth. In some cases they may be missing other permanent teeth! And not from tooth loss due to injury or decay, the teeth just never […]

How often should I have dental x-rays taken?

We’ve all had to bite that weird little piece of plastic and have a strange machine take pictures of our face. Although a bit unpleasant, dental x-rays are incredibly valuable, allowing the dentist to identify: Root canal or bone changes caused by infection Decayed areas of teeth that indicate cavities Bone loss associated with gum […]

What age should kids start seeing the dentist

It’s a question all parents have, when should you take your kids to the dentist for the first time? And the answer is something a lot of people get wrong. Most children don’t see the dentist for the first time until they’re about two and a half. In reality, they should be seeing one far […]

Why is nitrous oxide not offered for all procedures?

Have you ever been laying in the dentist’s chair, maybe nervous or bored, and wondered why you aren’t being given nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas)? Short answer, it depends on the patient! Nitrous oxide is a form of sedation called “inhalation sedation.” Although it’s considered an ideal clinical sedative, there are some things […]

Can you whiten your teeth with braces

Taking proper care of your teeth when you’re wearing braces is tough. And you can be as diligent as an oral hygienist while they’re on, but sometimes, either based on our diet or other habits, our teeth yellow. And you may want to correct it! Can you whiten your teeth with braces? Yes. The real […]

The link between gum health and heart health

You’ve always heard that gum disease and heart health are linked, even though you may not understand exactly how. And, while there definitely seems to be a correlation, some scientists are not 100% on what causes it yet. Here is what we know. The correlation could simply be overall wellness in general Robert Bonow, MD […]

Are electric toothbrushes better

We have all been there. Standing in the toothbrush aisle, trying to choose from a very wide variety of toothbrush. Some have tongue scrubbers, others have gum massagers, some are soft bristled, some are not, there are electric and regular ones, and they have multiple size options. It can be overwhelming! The biggest choice you […]